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  • Rules
1) Do not drink alcohol before or while on duty.
2) Do not stand or walk while smoking openly.
3) Do not strictly smoke in areas where have flammable material
4) Do not gamble while on duty.
5) Do not read any kind of book while on duty
6) Do not cross-legged sit while on duty.
7) Do not stickily acquaint or be familiar with subordinates or employees of the employer because these could cause of any problems during work
8) Do not take on a loan with the employees of the employer
9) Do not tease or play including doing something inappropriate while on duty
10) Do not grouped together while on duty more than two persons except that those points need more than 2 employees to take a responsibility
11) Dressing must be polite according to the rules whick is set up by the company
12) Speak respectfully to employees or staff of employer and also hirer or others people who come to contact with employer
13) Long hair, bread are not permitted
14) Follow discipline and pay respect to suprvisor
15) In - out duty by the time the company has set. Do not change arbitrarily
16) At customer site before start working for 15 minutes
17) Employee who have security staff from 5 People, have to muster the line at least every 15 minutes to clarify problems to security guard to solve and obtain more effective. The leader or supervisor is a processor to muster the line.
18) All employees must strictly obey the orders of the commander of the company and the customer.
19) All Security guards do not utterly leave watch over point which is their responsibility unless they are taken over by others and must notify the company immediately
20) Security guards must record all situations on duty thoroughly in case of some circumstances happen, it can be used to investigate and prevent from reckless of the staff while on duty
21) Security guards must use cleverness, be observant and always aware on current situation to find out the solution to prevent any dangerous circumstances and protect properties of the hirer promptly by their best
22) While on duty, If there were unusual or irregularities events happen that will cause damage, security guard must perform the following steps:
22.1) Make a decision immediately and let the supervisor knows
22.2) Must record and notify to the next shift staff
22.3) Must record into the book as evidence and report as book to the shift leader, team leader or supervisor respectively . And supervisors will report to the customer and the company.
24) In case of accident while on duty, Perform the following step:
24.1) Must control the situation and protect the properties immediately.
24.2) Use knowledges and abilities that were trained with fully capability.
24.3) Contact to supervisor of the Company and the customer’s company to report the incident every time.
24.4)24.4) In case of fatal Incident, that was difficult to be handled by security staff. Please contact Emergency Notification 191 (Special Operation Police) 195 (Suppression Division) 199 (fire fighting police).
25) All Security guards must strongly perform the duty to prevent damage to customer’s property, even from theft, defalcation or property damage
26) In case of security staff brawl to each other, they were considered to be discharged
27) Security guards do not traduce to the company or customer’s company
28) Security guards who break an above law, the company will punish by following steps:
First time:
Second time:
Third time:
- Verbal warning
- Wage cut
- Discharge
- Letter warning
- Suspension
- Discharge
- Making probation
- Last warning
29) Any employee who do not follow or break the company’s basic regulations will be punished without leniency