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Management Format
Security Thai Group International Co.,Ltd (T.G.I) set up a format of organisationmanagement to take a responsibility by following these positions:
Human Resource:
- Recruitment and Personnel Selection
- Provide record of employee, social security document and follow checking employee’s work history
- Prepare training plan, summarise responsibility, discipline, income and benefit
- Consider and take action on discipline, efficiency in work and support the welfare of the employee
- Have duty to allocate employee, control employee’s operation to acquire the highest effectiveness
- Provide employee to work as soon as possible
- Controlling, Monitoring and Checking employees’ working
- Supervision and punishment of disciplinary offence of employee
- To Report , order and solve problem in the operation of the security staff
- Receive notification and resolve an emergency problem
General Coordinator
- Coordinate with the customers to acknowledge the issues in order to be revised and improved.
- Support and Improve the company’s management to acquire the highest effectiveness
- Take responsibility for all activities of the company.
- Other duties are assigned by the company.
- Organise works in office
- Prepare books and documents
- Take care of stationary for working
Procurement for security equipment
- Check prices and purchase equipment of security guards
- Manage about Security Devices, to storage and dispense equipment.
Personnel training and development
- Manage to training both new and old employees
- Manage to training security guards on customer sites by following planning schedule
- Meeting with customers to acknowledge and exchange all problems