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About Us
This is a good news story of a private security services in Thailand, the businesses develop and enhance the quality of security career to reach theinternational standard to make customer feel more confident and comfortable.
Security Thai Group International Co.,Ltd (T.G.I) Provide Professional Security Service. We are proud and confident that we can provide security services to our customer with highly satisfied because we have readiness on both skilful management teams, Professionally experiences (more than 20 years) and modern knowledge. All our staff were certified by the company and was checked criminal record as well including standard training. The company, moreover, set the payment rates, benefits and guarantees to work properly when compared to others. We have extremely readiness to provide our customer the bestservice that is separated to following list:
1) Security Service for customer building and site, including to facilitate to traffic management
2)Protection Service for VIP (Body Guard)
3) Security Service Team (Special) Both in and out uniform for monitoring, abatement of injury and troubleshooting all unsettled situations